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Beyond Ethnocentric Ideology and Paradigm Shift for a Greater Ethiopian Unity

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Online keyboard to type en Amharic text with the Geez alphabet (Ethiopian language). This is a beautiful Ethiopian Amharic Bible straight from the Ethiopian Bible Society!

NEW TRANSLATION. UBS-IRS M-CL ፋና የፌስቡክ ስሙን በመጠቀም የሀሰት ዜና ያስፋፉ ያላቸው 20 ገጾች በፌስቡክ መዘጋታቸውን ተናገረ። ፋና ብሮድካስቲንግ. Be that as it may, over the years Cyberethiopia, Ethiomedia, Ethiopian Review, Nazret, (all in alphabetical order) among others, have usually found a spot in the top ten list.

The relatively late comer entertainment and video sharing sites like Addis Zefen, DireTube and EthioTube are also faring very well. EthioMedia Rhetoric of Deception. It takes only a casual observer to note that the vast spectrum of lies and deception that has been deliberately infused to the public by an ostracized individual who is deeply resentful and has become a father of all lies by undermining the on going democratic election and process in Ethiopia.

Mar 12,  · Ethiopian national language the Ge’ez font and the Amharic as a bridge to the population of Ethiopia is now replaced by Latin and Arabic .

Write amharic ethiopian review ethiomedia
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