Review of literature on shopping mall

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On call at the mall: a mixed methods study of U.S. medical malls

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REVIEW OF LITERATURE. 79 School of Management Studies, Punjabi University, Patiala Malls and Hypermarkets: Perspectives of Contemporary Shopping regional shopping mall other than the one nearest to one’s place of residence, School of Management Studies, Punjabi University, Patiala Malls and Hypermarkets: Perspectives of Contemporary.


Literature review of a report shopping mall

ON SHOPPING MALL FORUM MALLBANGLORE INTRODUC The Forum is a popular shopping mall located on Hosur Road TION in Koramangalam, Bangalore, Karnataka, India /5(3). The Evolution of Shopping Center Research: A Review and Analysis Mark Eppli Marquette University, called Southdale Mall, was created because Dayton's Department store convinced its rival, Donaldson's, to jointly develop a shopping center in order to A tree diagram of the literature review is depicted in Exhibit 1.

After the. We conducted a scoping review of the literature to determine the features, environments, and benefits of mall walking programs using the RE-AIM framework (reach, effectiveness, adoption, implementation, and. As a result of a systematic literature review, which employed bibliometric analysis and content analysis, both the roots and the frontier of research were identified.

A list of mall image attributes was generated and identified those that seemed theoretically more relevant in capturing the construct of mall. The literature review begins with an exploration of the growing problem of enclosed regional mall decline.

The main themes and debates in the field of shopping center.

Review of literature on shopping mall
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