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Most cultures exhibit a particular configuration or style. A single value or pattern of perceiving the world often leaves its stamp on several institutions in the society.

Erewhon: or, Over the Range (/ ɛ r ɛ hw ɒ n /) is a novel by Samuel Butler which was first published anonymously in The title is also the name of a country, supposedly discovered by the protagonist. In the novel, it is not revealed where Erewhon is, but it is clear that it is a fictional meant the title to be understood as the word "nowhere" backwards even though the.

Nacirema people - May 21,  · “Body Ritual of the Nacirema” is a satirical anthropological analysis of typical American health habits.

It is written from the viewpoint of an anthropologist belonging to a different society, with no real comprehension of American culture, and thus sees American health habits as bizarre and superstitious. The analysis describes in. 1 Nacirema Group reviews.

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