Literature review on stress and the rugby union

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Rugby and Shoulder Trauma: A Systematic Review

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The Mental Health of Elite Athletes: A Narrative Systematic Review

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Wales in the Early Middle Ages

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Clin J Sport Med ; Schiff MA, Caine DJ, O'Halloran R. Injury prevention in sports. Ryan J, McCreesh K, Deburca N.

Acetabular fractures following rugby tackles: a case series

To identify intrinsic risk factors for groin/hip Injuries among academy level rugby union. Using elite rugby union players (N = 12), this study examined the utility of BAM as an indicator of mental and physical recovery in elite athletes by exploring pattern change in mood disturbance, energy index, power output, cortisol, and testosterone 36 hr before and 12 hr, 36 hr, and 60 hr after a competitive rugby.

Rugby union is a physical demanding sport that requires optimum recovery between games to maintain performance levels. Analysis of four unique biochemical markers of stress is measured here to determine which recovery strategy currently in use by a professional team provides the necessary.

the bulk of the earlier literature on rugby.[1,2] This review encompasses more recent research reports on rugby, identifies research paths for the future, and provides guidelines for the testing of elite players. Sports Essays - Handball Teams Championships Handball The team sport handball is in Europe one of the most popular sports.

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It is played by. Borsa PA, Scibek JS, Jacobson JA, Meister K. Sonographic Stress Measurement of Glenohumeral Joint Laxity in Collegiate Swimmers and Age-Matched Controls. Am J performance in trained rugby union players. J Strength Cond Res –, Static Stretching & Dynamic Warm-ups.

Literature review on stress and the rugby union
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