Book review teacher identity discourses

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Teacher identity discourses : negotiating personal and professional spaces

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Author: Janet Alsup. ISBN: Publisher: Taylor and Francis. In this book, Janet Alsup reports and theorizes a multi-layered study of teacher identity development. The study, which followed six pre-service English education students, was.

Oct 01,  · A volume in the NCTE-LEA Literacy and Composition Research Series in this book, Janet Alsup reports and theorizes a multi-layered study of teacher identity development.

Teacher Identity Discourses: Negotiating Personal and Professional Spaces

The study, which followed six pre-service English education students, was designed to investigate her hypothesis that forming (or /5(3). Reviews “In this three-part collection David Evans and other contributors explore the interrelationships between language and identity with a particular focus on how language shapes the social discourse and pedagogy of minority ethno-linguistic communities.

Social Interaction and L2 Classroom Discourse is a meticulous and well-written book that provides rigorous empirical analysis of important moments in the L2 English classroom, including the co-construction of understanding, interactional troubles and their resolution, and the microgenesis of L2 (classroom) interactional competence.

It is an. It includes definitions of discourse, Discourse, and identity drawing on the work of James Paul Gee, as well as a review of two studies on preservice and inservice teachers’ discourses and identities.

book review:teacher identity discourses Essay Rui Liang “Teachers are, above all, people.” This sentence condenses the essence of this book—Teacher Identity Discourse: Negotiating Personal and Profession Space, by Janet Alsup. Teachers we know in class are usually professional and respectable.

Book review teacher identity discourses
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Teacher Identity Discourses: Negotiating Personal and Professional Spaces