A review of the movie my brilliant career

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‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor?’ Review: The Enduring Power of Mister Rogers

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My Brilliant Career - Film (Movie) Plot and Review

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Read Matt Goldberg's Won't You Be My Neighbor? review; Morgan Neville's documentary looks at the life, career, and values of Fred Rogers. Check out the exclusive senjahundeklubb.com movie review and see our movie rating for My Brilliant Career.

A young independent woman who lives with her grandmother and aunt in the countryside rebels against being pressured into marriage and chooses to solely focus on having a career as a writer. Love the review, but man, you seem to really hate Ramin Djawadi’s music.

Which is fair enough, not everything has to work for everyone. It’s just that in my opinion he’s one of the best Zimmer’s protégés out there (certainly way better than Steve Jablonsky, Lorne Balfe or Marc Streitenfeld).

My Brilliant Career - Film (Movie) Plot and Review - Publications on Film Reference. Gillian Armstrong recruits a young Judy Davis, Sam Neill, and beloved Scottish book for this odd little cult favorite, a story about a woman who has to choose between her "brilliant" career and the various men in her life.


A review of the movie my brilliant career
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