A review of scarface a movie by brian de palma

8 Awesome Brian De Palma Murders

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Brian De Palma

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Directed by Brian DePalma, Scarface lays bare the sordid power of the American drug scene/5(). From that point on, however, De Palma’s oftentimes dark and overly violent and sexual works would find less favor in an increasingly conservative cinematic climate.

There would be controversies such as the uproars over screen brutality inspired by “Scarface” (), “Body Double” () and. Brian De Palma is a writer-director whose career has been marked by both hits and misses, with such films as Carrie and Bonfire of the Vanities.

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Film director, screenwriter. Born on September When you hear “Brian De Palma,” which movie do you think of first? Perhaps it’s his unquestionably superior Stephen King adaptation of Carrie (), or his mobster masterpiece Scarface ().

Review: 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald' Stuffs A Suitcase Full Of Nonsense Worst Chris in Talks for Reboot of 'The Saint' Independent Spirit Awards Nominations: The John Cho Oscar Campaign Starts NOW! As Brian de Palma's cult movie screens on SBS VICELAND this month, we look into why 'Scarface' still resonates so strongly with rappers.

A review of scarface a movie by brian de palma
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