A review of longfellows poem the occultation of orion

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The Occultation Of Orion - Poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Author:Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Wikis

The Occultation of Orion. The moon was pallid, but not faint; And beautiful as some fair saint, Serenely moving on her way In hours of trial and dismay.

As if she heard the voice of God, Unharmed with naked feet she trod Upon the hot and burning stars, As on the glowing coals.

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Ch. Endymion, Orion, Aurora, Galatea. Endymion was a beautiful youth who fed his flock on Mount Latmos. One calm, clear night, Diana, the Moon, looked down and saw him sleeping.

The cold heart of the virgin goddess was warmed by his surpassing beauty, and she came down to him, kissed him, and watched over him while he slept. See Tupelo Press to read the poems for March 10, by scrolling down to "Day 10/Poems 10" and of course, to read my poem, Prelude to War / by John C.


The Occultation of Orion

The backstory is as follows: "Prelude to War" is a product of brainstorming done for a historical novella on the Civil War.

The bats come on at dusk, playing between the pine trunks, shadow puppets cast against the lake’s silvering surface. I hold you: harp and harpist, bodies bound.

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A review of longfellows poem the occultation of orion
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The Occultation Of Orion Poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - Poem Hunter