A review of communion practices

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Anglican Communion

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How A Worship Space Affects Lord’s Supper Practices

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New Hampshire diocese becomes latest to restore order of sacraments

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The most discomforting, or controversial, issues of practice are three: invitation to communion, placement of communion in Sunday corporate worship, and presidency at the Table.

Disciples congregations vary on these points, and rather than giving up our ways, lots of us would prefer others to do as we do or, if not that, embrace diversity. Because this is World Communion Sunday we are reminded that millions of other Christians have heard the same invitation, and so as we join together at the Lord’s Table and partake of the Bread of Life, we find union with God and with one another.

by Joan Huyser-Honig This article is adapted from a communion and architecture story set posted August 17,by Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. LIVING AND GROWING. INTO FULL COMMUNION. A model for local celebration, formation • Leader(s) offer a brief review of the historical circumstances that birthed the Lutheran and • Practices related to the Lutheran understanding of the means of grace.

List of the largest religious bodies in the world, ranked by size. Hughes Oliphant Old, Holy Communion: In the Piety of the Reformed Church.

Powder Springs: Tolle Lege Press, Hardback. pp. $ Readers might be surprised at their initial perusal of Old's book if they are expecting to see the standard four-view taxonomy, Zwingli, Luther, Calvin, and.

A review of communion practices
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