A critique of michael crichtons mystery novel a case of need and the necessity of its revision

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Michael Crichton

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A Case of Need has 19, ratings and reviews.

A Case of Need

Claudia said: Crichton's first published book. and doctors trying to unravel the mystery of the murder or suicide of Karen Randall. Dr. Lee a young pathologist is accused of an illegal abortion. A Case of Need was Michael Crichton's first novel and it showed. The book was decent, but it /5.

The monsters may be smaller in this book, but Crichton's skill for suspense has grown, making Prey a scary read that's hard to set aside, though not without its minor flaws. The science in this novel requires more explanation than did the cloning of dinosaurs, leading to /5.

Jurassic President Michael Crichton’s scariest creation. a damning critique of expertise. And the Bush administration has put this critique into action, trampling the opinions of government.

Michael Crichton was born in Chicago in His novels include Next, State of Fear, Prey, Timeline, Jurassic Park, and The Andromeda Strain. He was also the creator of the television series ER.

What Does Whitehead Tell Us? A Critique of a Book

The application of the analytical tools of psychology and psychoanalysis to authors and/or fictional characters in order to understand the underlying motivations and meanings of a literary work.

A critique of michael crichtons mystery novel a case of need and the necessity of its revision
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